İçten Gelen Ses

The Voice from Within

Canan Uzerli is a singer, songwriter and text writer.

Canan Uzerli about her Turkish project:

With my Turkish project “İçten Gelen Ses – The Voice from Within” a vision is coming true that I had during my studies of Turkish Applied Sciences in Hamburg. At that time I was theoretically occupied with the Turkish culture and language, when I was inspired by a deep wish inside of me to transfer this to a musical way in the future.
Throughout my childhood the Turkish language and especially its warm timbre have been accompanying me. I love Turkish music and just as well I love it to sing in Turkish as my heart and my soul find a special mode of expression in this language.
The song “Güneşim” in Fatih Akin’s film “In July” has inspired me to write and compose my own songs for a Band constellation with Accordion, Saz, Guitar, Double-Bass and Percussion.
Like this I started to develop own songs together with Henrik Kolenda, my guitarist.
At the same time I asked Ulrich Kodjo Wendt, the composer of  the song “Güneşim”, if he could compose one or two songs for me and if he would play the Diatonic Accordion in my band. So that’s how it happened: he composed two songs for me, where I wrote the text to and He actually became part of my band.”