A Project by Canan Uzerli

The singer, song- and text writer Canan Uzerli is presenting her current program İçten Gelen Ses – The Voice from Within” as her first personal project.

The daughter of a German mother and a Turkish father studied at the Hamburg School of Music and the Konservatorium for Turkish Music in Berlin.

Beside compositions by Ulrich Kodjo Wendt that the singer wrote her own texts for, she performs own compositions together with her Band.

Her Turkish texts and the traditional instrument Saz are the reference to the Turkish Culture in her music.
Universal themes such as searching for identity, selfconcept and love – sometimes melancholically tender and soft, sometimes powerful and rhythmical are adressed in these.



After several concerts all over Germany and over 10 000 downloadss of her Mini Album Canan Uzerli will publish her complete Turkish Debut – Album on January 26, 2018

İÇTEN GELEN SES… ( The Voice from Within…) is the title of the first Album of the German- Turkish singer, who is building a bridge between her two cultures.

Her music ranges between Orient and Occident, between Chanson and Pop and between sebsuous melancholy and powerful rhythme.

Canan Uzerli fascinates withher rich, longing and extraordinary voice. She is being orchestrated with a mixture of western and eastern instruments by her virtuous musicians, who create a unique spectrum of sound.

The very personal texts, written by herself, tell stories among others about the search for identity, self-determination and love.

Suiting the title Canan Uzerli has brought her inside to the outside in a musical way and thus has created a diversified and strong Debut.