Presse & Rezensionen

“Their singing comes from the soul.”  The Nordic

“Harmoniously undulating sea of sound of melancholy and graceful gentleness, rhythmically carried by oriental-influenced ethno pop and sensitive ballads.” Kieler News

“Canan Uzerli renounces exaggerated pathos and kitsch, lets her voice flow with restrained temperament and sends the sounds like butterflies into the hearts of her listeners.  Kieler News

“A beautiful singing voice and a treasure chest of feelings that she opens to the audience.”  HNA

“Uzerli’s songs are images of the heart full of a longing for love, carried by her desire to savour the time of her life and to go her own way towards her goal.” Hessische Allgemeine

“Her enchanting voice, the melodic, often melancholic vocal lines and the thrilling rhythm that carries the music provide goose bumps.”  HNA