Canan Uzerli, born in 1981 in Kassel as the daughter of a German mother and a Turkish father – being raised bilingually, combines these two cultures with her Project „The Voice from Within – Içten Gelen Ses“.

Inspired by her professional education and her personal experiences she has brought this Project to life with her own song compositions in the Turkish language.

From her early days at home Canan Uzerli loves to sing and her talent is being promoted at school and in a Youth-Choire with Solo parts.

She makes first Band experiences as a singer during the Baccalaureate period in a Celtic Music Group.

At the Istanbul Göztepe Istek Semiha Şakir Secondery full-time School she teaches in 2002 as a student teacher in practicum from grades 1 to 12 in classes of German and English for five months. In this context she has the possibility to better get acquainted with the Turkish culture in Turkey.

In 2003 she starts her studies of Turkish Applied Sciences in Hamburg and parallel to these she takes singing lessons and visits several workshops, among others the Jazz Workshop in the Birdland Hamburg.

Starting in 2004 she enrolls at the Hamburg Conservatorium and attends the Jazz-Band training with Erek Siebel. Several performances with the Student-Jazz Combo follow.

In 2005 she receives the First Price at the Song Competition in the Piano- Bar Caruso in Kassel, which motivates her to further develop her voice and stick to this way.

Finally that same year she makes the decision to become a professional singer and starts her training at the Hamburg School of Music where she graduates in autumn 2008.

She participates in a number of Band Projects in the field of Pop, Bossa and Jazz and performs in a Musical by Franz Wittenbrinck, “Cafe Amazonien”, as a singer and actor on stage. Her first experience with Turkish songs follow in projects of the Turkish Theatre Director Telat Yurtsever as a Solo Singer.

In 2009 she begins a part time study at the prestigious Conservatorium for Turkish Music in Berlin to further be trained in Turkish Art Singing by Nuri Karademirli.

Due to an offer as a singing teacher she moves back to Hamburg in 2010 and continues her lessons with Nuri Karademirli in 2011, traveling back and forth to Berlin twice a month.

Until his early death Canan Uzerli is the student of Nuri Karademirli who is the first one to listen to her own Turkish texts and compositions and who strongly motivates her to go on with it. She cannot imagine a better teacher for herself.

In 2012 she organizes the contact with Ulrich Kodjo Wendt to suggest a musical cooperation. He composes two music arrangements that she completes with her own texts and these are part of her current project.

Further texts and compositions are added in cooperation with Henrik Kolenda and so Canan Uzerli establishes her first Band that celebrates its public Premiere of the project “İçten Gelen Ses – The Voice from Within” in 2014 at the Intercultural Festival “eigenarten” in Hamburg with great applause. In Spring 2015 she released a Mini Album, combining four songs of different coleur.

After several concerts all over Germany and over 10 000 downloadss of her Mini Album Canan Uzerli published her complete Turkish Debut – Album on January 26, 2018. İÇTEN GELEN SES… ( The Voice from Within…) is the title of the first Album of the German- Turkish singer, who is building a bridge between her two cultures.

Her music ranges between Orient and Occident, between Chanson and Pop and between sebsuous melancholy and powerful rhythme.

Canan Uzerli fascinates withher rich, longing and extraordinary voice. She is being orchestrated with a mixture of western and eastern instruments by her virtuous musicians, who create a unique spectrum of sound.

The very personal texts, written by herself, tell stories among others about the search for identity, self-determination and love.

Suiting the title Canan Uzerli has brought her inside to the outside in a musical way and thus has created a diversified and strong Debut.